The Long Island Motorsports Association in Holtsville was formed to be the voice for the motorsports community (2004).

  In  doing that it was also the political force very much needed for this community, since no faction of motorsports was represented we decided to take on uniting the communities which are made up of Drag racing, Road racing, Oval racing,  Off-road 4x and Off-road recreational  vehicles.    We have backed many politicians,  some are steadfast on our side, while others used us and continue to use us.

    All of the aforementioned forms of motorsports, which other than a small 1/4 mile oval (Riverhead Raceway) no longer exist here and some never had the chance to exist here. 

  We the people have forgotten that our govt works for US,  not itself.  We have people with nowhere to practice the sports they love,  yet are forced to pay the govt's ransom and We get nothing in return while there are places this can be carried out.     We can change this, but WE need YOU,  not I or ME but,  US, all of US.

   We need a multi-faceted motorsports park for several reasons.

  1.  Job creation / destination area

  2.  Safe place to practice and compete in motorsports 

  3.  Safe place for testing of new designs for local businesses that manufacture automotive innovation, and an area that can make SUNY's automotive classes so much better

  4.   A professional area for drivers ed and practicing and knowing the abilities of your vehicle.

  Many problems the Motorsports community faced were rumors and having no single central organization to get important information from, this was one of the other important primary reasons to start this organization. 

    Many rumors and half truths over the years had gotten the community excited and hopes up only to be crushed, and most were nothing more than made up stories.    This has hurt our community and made our community it's own obstacle. 

   We have tried very hard to change this yet it still remains to be. 

    Our biggest obstacle remains to be our community,  If You/We don't try, We definitely do not win.

  Waiting for someone else to do for US what WE need to do will ensure WE have nothing. 


    #L.I.M.A.   #We_Need_A_Track   

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  Long Island Motorsports Association