Decals can be picked up at L.I.M.A. , see the contact page

The Long Island Motorsports Association wants to know if you really want a motorsports facility on Long Island.

   What do you want ?    

  A Road Course ?      A Dragstrip ?        A 3/8, 1/2  Mile Oval ?   All  3 ?


Election time is getting closer ,  lavalle is not a friend of the motorsports community.  

​DO NOT VOTE FOR LAVALLE in district 1 NYS senate 

     Start by taking   #WE_NEED_A_TRACK   and putting it on your daily driver,  put it on your desk, your tool box, wherever you can to make it spread to everyone that wants a Motorsports facility.

       You can use the same window marker used for writing your car number and class/time,  or you can stop by one of the supporting shops that support L.I.M.A. and pick  up a#WE_NEED_A_TRACK  decal/s there.

Long Island Motorsports Association